This page outlines the Java class structure of jPatchwork at the current stage of the development process.

If you would like to join this project and assist me in the development of this software, please visit the jPatchwork project website and register as a developer. From there you will have access to our CVS repository which contains all of the jPatchwork source code.

jPatchwork is currently composed of three classes:

1. - This is the main class which is executed at runtime. It defines the main GUI components of the program.

2. - This class defines the Device Editor function. The Device Editor allows you to assemble and add custom opcodes into the Device Library.

3. - This is a helper class which defines the internal frames used for patch editing.

The stucture of these classes is as follows:


As development continues and new features are added, we will inevatibly need additional helper classes to carry out the required functions of jPatchwork.